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Bernedoodles are considered a boutique breed obtained by crossing a Bernese Mountain Dog with a Poodle.  Taking on the best qualities of both breeds, Bernedoodles are known for their intelligence, affection, sociability and goofy cheerful attitudes. They are cute, loyal, friendly, even tempered, gentle and kind. This combination of traits makes them ideal candidates for service, therapy or assistance dogs as well as wonderful family companions.  Bernedoodles are mostly non-shedding and hypo-allergenic.

Bernese Mountain Dog

Bernese Mountain Dogs are a true family companion. The Berner was raised in the Swiss Alps as a farm dog to accompany the alpine herders and dairymen. They were used to herd cattle, pull carts, and be a watchdog and loyal companion. They are good natured, self assured and affectionate and generally do well with children and make excellent guardians. 


No matter the size, Poodles have a playful but dignified personality and keen intelligence. The poodle is no snob, they are people-friendly dogs who want to stay close to their families and are always up for a good game. The poodle’s personality is intelligent, loving, loyal and mischievous. Poodles have a goofy streak and love to play, but they are also eager to please.



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